Tempo Automation's Open House Raises the Curtain in San Francisco

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Vivek Ganju, senior account executive, demonstrated one of the customer-facing software tools developed by Tempo—Production Forensics—which is a non-destructive report add-on that customers can request. Production Forensics gives customers details from AOI and X-ray inspection that can shed light on potential manufacturing yield issues when the customer takes the final design to mass production. "Working with Tempo can get the customer to better, more reliable production design," stated Ganju, "By identifying issues that might affect the design earlier in the prototyping spins, Tempo can assist customers to increase reliability and yields."

The quoting process also seems to be improved and optimized in the Tempo environment. Multiple Tempo representatives shared that the typical quote times for customers run between three and five hours to deliver a fully-specified quote with every part issue resolved and ready to issue to the manufacturing floor. For Tempo customers, this efficiency is real from the very first interaction.

The growth is real, too. Bruce noted, "In the time since I joined Tempo three months ago, we have moved from a modest 8500 square foot spot into this incredible space with 42,000 square feet of the most advanced PCBA factory. During that same period, we've doubled the number of employees. And we're not done yet. We're scaling for growth, driven by the increasing orders we're seeing from our expanding cadre of very ambitious customers. This is an exciting time for Tempo."


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