StratEdge Features Semiconductor Packages and Assembly Services at Three Trade Shows in March

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StratEdge Corporation, leader in the design, production, and assembly of high-frequency and high-power semiconductor packages for microwave, millimeter-wave, and high-speed digital devices, will have applications specialists available at the IMAPS Device Packaging Conference, APEC 2020, and GOMACTech 2020 to discuss the many packages available for DC to 63+ GHz and its package assembly services.

Packages include:

  • Post-fired ceramic, low-cost molded ceramic, and ceramic QFN packages
  • The LL family of leaded laminate copper-moly-copper (CMC) base packages
  • High-power semiconductor packages
  • Off-the-shelf molded ceramic packages that can be configured to meet the requirements for chips with frequencies up to 18 GHz. These packages provide enhanced thermal dissipation for high-power gallium nitride devices and come in fully hermetic versions in over 200 standard outlines.
  • High-reliability packages that meet stringent military applications. The packages have electrical transition designs that ensure exceptionally low electrical losses and operate efficiently, even at the highest frequencies.

"Much attention is given to GaN chips, but the package in which the GaN device is attached and the way the chip is attached to the package is often overlooked," explained Casey Krawiec, VP of global sales for StratEdge Corporation. "It's well known that GaN chip efficiency and reliability can be improved by creating a package environment that reduces chip-to-package junction temperatures. StratEdge has developed a proprietary eutectic die attach method that drops junction temperatures by 20 degrees when compared to standard assembly methods with ceramic packages. Please stop by our booths and find out more."

StratEdge will be at IMAPS Device Packaging Conference, Fountain Hills, AZ, from March 3-4 in booth 56, APEC 2020, New Orleans, LA, from March 16-18 in booth 2157, and at GOMACTech 2020, San Diego, CA, from March 17-18, in booth 202.



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