Price Circuits LLC Installs ESI 5335 Laser Drill

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Price Circuits LLC a Division of Circuitronics LLC, is pleased to announce another addition to our recent expansion. The ESI 5335 Laser has been installed and fully operational.  

With our focus on supporting complex printed circuit board technologies, in rigid, flex and rigid flex technologies, our technical capability has expanded in 2020. With technologies advancing quickly in the business industries that require the most leading edge support, Price Circuits recognized the need to update with installing the most state of the art equipment available in the industry.

The 5335 is a perfect flex PCB laser processing solution for leading-edge requirements. The laser via drilling machine is a good fit for customers requiring production-oriented flex PCB via drilling for PCB laser processing. In addition, it will benefit micromachining with the state-of-the-art laser processing technology and applied laser expertise built into the 5335 platform. This will enable our facility to further expand its high density interconnect (HDI) flexible circuit manufacturing capabilities. It will also allow us to make smaller vias, expand support for blind and buried vias, and to cut smaller features in the circuit.

Utilizing ESI’s Third Dynamics technology, the 5335 delivers industry-leading capabilities for UV laser via drilling and is optimized for processing both flexible circuits and rigid-flexible printed circuit boards. It also addresses other high-accuracy laser processing applications such as routing, patterning, and skiving through a combination of ESI's patented compound beam positioning and solid-state optical technology.

Laser via drilling and precision laser micromachining to support:


  • Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Laser Processing
  • Laser micromachining, Blind via drilling (BHV) Through via drilling (THV)
  • Routing,Patterning,Skiving
  • Polyimide, Glass-reinforced laminates (e.g. FR-4, BT, RT Duroid)
  • Coverlay (Polyimide + Adhesive)

Price Circuits LLC has implemented over $6 million in 2019/2020 to our capital investment to better serve our diverse customer base with process capabilities to further support their ever advancing technology needs. Our customers are coming up with demanding technologies beyond imagination and we as a company are better prepared to support their needs through the expansion.


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