Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp. Receives $1.6 Million Test Set Order

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Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp, a leading designer and manufacturer of avionics test and measurement solutions, announced that it has received a Mode 5 test set order valued at $1.6 million from its European distributor, Muirhead Avionics, for delivery to the German military.

Mr. Jeffrey O’Hara, President and CEO of Tel, stated, “We are pleased to have received this significant follow-on T-4530i test set order for the German military. This new test set includes extended life Ni-MH batteries and significantly expanded manual Mode 5 test capability using either the KIV-77 or European SIT-2010 crypto appliques. We expect to ship this order during this calendar year. We are currently pursuing other significant domestic and international opportunities which we hope to secure later this summer.”

“We continue to be excited by the opportunities that exist for our new 4.5-pound SDR/OMNI hand-held test. The introduction of this product has been delayed due to technology upgrades to meet the standards for the next generation of military applications. The upgraded and faster processor with improved video graphics processing capability will provides more opportunities to expand the applications for this new unit. While this change will likely move the initial product introduction for the commercial avionics market into the later part of this calendar year, we believe the upgrade will better position the Company to win larger, more lucrative military contracts which are critical to our long-term growth moving forward.”



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