Eltos Invests in Orbotech Diamond 10 Direct Image System for Solder Mask

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Italian printed circuit boards manufacturer Eltos S.p.A. (celebrating 40 years of activity) has invested in new equipment for PCB direct image printing for solder mask.

Eltos S.p.A., one of the leading Italian printed circuit boards manufacturers operating since 1980 in Arezzo, Tuscany, decided to invest in the most advanced and fastest technology for PCB direct image solder mask printing available nowadays.

Dr. Riccardo Pinamonti, founder and CEO of Eltos S.p.A., and one of the most expert and experienced technologists in the PCB European market, is convinced that in these difficult times, “to be competitive is necessary to offer new solutions and opportunities to our customers installing the best solutions in the market from the most reliable partner in terms of machines, support and spare parts delivery.”

For that reason, Eltos S.p.A. decided to invest again with the most experienced company in direct image exposure system, the Israeli company Orbotech, installing the new Orbotech Diamond 10 direct image system for solder mask together with a Teknek contact cleaning system in a new clean room.

Diamond 10 is the top model in the Orbotech actual production, used by the most efficient PCB companies in the world, with very high performance in terms of quality and speed thanks to the 3 wave lengths spectrum, high depth focus, partial scaling and a patented illumination module architecture with a minimum DAM size of 50µ, a 75µ Solder Resist Opening  and a ± 10µ registration accuracy.

The new Orbotech Diamond 10 will work with the already installed Orbotech Nuvogo 780XL, the Orbotech Paragon 8800 XL, and all these three units will continue to work together offering the best quality and performance fulfilling the expectations of Eltos customers.



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