Reminder: Supply Chain Management in July Issue of The PCB Magazine

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The July 2015 issue of The PCB Magazine looks at the different challenges PCB fabricators face when it comes to supply chain management (SCM).

Steve Williams gives an all-encompassing overview of supply chains and supply chain management, starting with a little history and progressing right through the nuts and bolts of a good SCM program. Learn how it is in everyone’s interest, up and down the whole chain, to know and embrace the concepts, and then put them into practice.

In our survey, one of the issues highlighted by our respondents was the difficulty in getting materials or suppliers, in particular, specialty laminates. To give light on this subject, Barry Matties interviewed John Pavlak of Rogers Corporation.

Barry also interviewed Insulectro's Ken Parent and Jason Marsh. They had a lot to say about working with not only their customers, but their customers’ customers, via their “Accomplish Change Together” (ACT) program that addresses rigidly defined material specifications.

Ventec also chimed in with their perspective on this month’s topic. Finally, Fred Long presents the distributor’s point of view: It’s all about service and balancing the needs of supplier and customer.

To read the latest issue of The PCB Magazine, click here or click here for the PDF.


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