dalTools to Showcase Design Tools at PCB West 2015

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dalTools will be exhibiting at this year's PCB West, which will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. The conference will be held September 15-17, while the exposition will be held on September 16.

"dalTools makes PCB design easier. In fact we like to say that dalTools and Allegro are best friends. They both work well together throughout the enterprise," said Dal Locke, president and CEO of dalTools. "For the PCB Designer, dalTools extends many of the existing Allegro commands to be more capable of doing complex tasks. (Such as dealing with BackDrill technology and matched length routing of diff pairs). For the circuit design engineer, it adds seven new commands to DE HDL so engineers can create schematics faster with less errors. It gives the EE the ability to view the Allegro library, place critical parts from the schematic, more easily deal with Constraint Manager DRCs and graphically compare one rev of the board to another, layer by layer, to make sure critical circuits were not disturbed."

For the technician in the factory, it enhances the Allegro viewer so it is easier to use and that more information is available with less keystrokes, Locke noted.

"We used to sell only to PCB designers, but now offer solutions to EEs (EE-ToolKit) and Technicians (BoardView) as well," said Locke. "We invite all interested to stop by our booth and watch our products in action!"

About dalTools

Our mission is to make PCB design easier, more productive and fun! Our goal is to automate as many manual and mundane tasks and processes as possible. Many Fortune 500 companies have purchased and are already utilizing these tools to gain competitive advantages by making dramatic improvements in quality and productivity.

We started this business after years of designing printed circuit boards for large corporations. We have seen the tools and technology change greatly over the years.

We are constantly upgrading our software and adding new applications. We look forward to benefiting and serving our customers with even more solutions.

For more information for to www.daltools.com.


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