Inaugural Boards, Chips and Packaging IMPACT Conference Adds 15 Industry Experts to Presentation List

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Isola Group, a market leader in copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepreg materials used to fabricate advanced multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs) and Semico Research, a semiconductor marketing and consulting research company, announced today that the inaugural Board, Chips and Packaging: Designing to Maximize Results Conference is garnering significant interest from the embedded design community with the addition of 15 industry experts to the agenda. The one-day conference will be held October 13, 2015 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. The event was developed to support PCB, chip and packaging-design companies' focus on system-level integration across the entire hardware development process.

Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger III will be one of the keynote speakers at the event. Captain Sullenberger, best known for serving as Captain during what has been called the “Miracle on the Hudson,” is known for his expertise in safety and knowledge of improvements of high-performance systems to save lives, save money and bring value to communities.

Jim Feldhan, President of Semico Research noted, “We have been very pleased with the response we have received from the industry thus far. We have 15 industry experts speaking at the event. One of the most anticipated panel sessions will focus on designing and manufacturing products that will proactively address next-generation networking product needs. This is an excellent example of a technical topic that needs to be addressed at the system-level with input from both the hardware and software aspects of product development efforts.”

Jeff McCreary, President and CEO of Isola stated, “This event is a platform in which the true system-level issues of the electronics industry can be addressed. At Isola, we embrace the rapid advancements in the embedded market with a strategy of continuing innovation to provide our customers with better performance, service and products. Ultimately, this allows Isola to partner with companies across the value chain to develop and commercialize innovative solutions.”

Designing new or revising existing hardware is not an easy task. Hardware is not nearly as malleable as software; it is not possible to upgrade hardware via a new software download. Modifications to one part of a hardware design can affect other parts of the design in an unforeseen manner and changes to existing hardware designs are rarely, if ever, inexpensive. Boards, Chips and Packaging: Designing to Maximize Results will cover a variety of industry topics such as solutions to implement successful product launches; technical, personnel and engineering challenges faced by every very-high speed system design team; and material selection to avoid hardware failure.

Sponsors of the event include Isola Group, Mentor Graphics, Ansys, Samtec, Speeding Edge and Polar Instruments. Noted speakers include Michael J. Gay of Isola Group, Lee Ritchey of Speeding Edge, Scott McMorrow of Samtec, Daniel DeAraujo of Mentor Graphics, Robert L. Sankman of Intel, Margaret Schmitt of Ansys, Nathaniel Unger of Altera, Mike Noonen of Silicon Catalyst, Heidi Barnes of Keysight Technologies, Geoffrey Hazelett of Polar Instruments, Jason Marsh of Insulectro, Tom Whipple of Cadence, and Nathapong Suthiwongsunthorn of UTAC. Brian Fuller of ARM will moderate the morning panel.

For more information and to register for the event, please visit or contact Jim Feldhan or Joanne Itow from Semico Research at 602-997-0337.

About Isola

Isola Group, headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, is a global material sciences company focused on designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs used to fabricate advanced multi-layer printed circuit boards. The company’s high-performance materials are used in sophisticated electronic applications in the communications infrastructure, computing/networking, military, medical, aerospace and automotive industries. For more information, visit our website at http://www.isola−

About Semico

Semico Research Corp. is a semiconductor marketing & consulting research company located in Phoenix, Arizona. Semico was founded in 1994 by a group of semiconductor industry experts. We have improved the validity of semiconductor product forecasts via technology roadmaps in end-use markets. Semico offers custom consulting, portfolio packages, individual market research studies and premier industry conferences. 


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