TestEquity Demos Innovative Test and Measurement Solutions at IPC APEX EXPO 2016

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TestEquity is showcasing a comprehensive offering of new and enhanced electronics manufacturing, testing, servicing and environmental chamber solutions at the IPC APEX EXPO 2016 event happening this week at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Attendees, from electronic manufacturers to engineers to repair representatives, will see demonstrations from leading manufacturers such as Weller, Hakko, Indium, Vision Engineering, Keysight and Tektronix. TestEquity environmental chambers, including the model 107 benchtop temperature chamber, will also be on display.

Products and services highlighted at this year's APEX EXPO include:

  • Weller WX2021 is a powerful digital soldering solution designed for easy use through a highly responsive and intuitive touchscreen. This dual-port simultaneous station, also available as a single-port option, features a variety of connectivity options, intelligent soldering tools and new features.
  • Hakko FX-100 offers next-generation heat induction soldering in a compact, easy-to-operate station. Microprocessor control boosts the recovery performance of the soldering iron tip while advanced system design optimizes performance by reducing system power loss while maintaining the lowest EMI levels. Just plug it in and turn it on; no calibration is required.
  • Indium solder paste is cored with a high reliability flux, compatible with Indium's full line of Pb-Free and Sn/Pb soldering materials and provides excellent solder spread with minimal smoking and low odor.

Booth visitors will also see a new EVO camera from Vision Engineering.

TestEquity 107 benchtop temperature chamber is small enough to fit on a bench with plenty of room to spare. Smaller and using 33% less power than the standard benchtop set up, the TE107 plugs into any outlet, fits into a 19 inch rack, and features low audible noise -- ideal for use in confined spaces.

Keysight MSOX3104T a four-channel mixed-signal oscilloscope, puts measurement insight at users' fingertips. With simplified triggering, touchscreen, excellent signal integrity and integrated analysis capabilities, this scope provides the performance and functionality needed to isolate signals in seconds.

TestEquity offers its own Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) solution. The simple to use, simple to roll out CSIM (Custom Solution for Inventory Management) program from TestEquity gives users inventory control without the cost or time required to implement other systems on the market. In addition to comprehensive inventory control, users can quickly and easily track and monitor carrying costs and usage trends while personalized reports allow data review in real time.



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