NetVia Group, LLC Joins Forces with Epec Engineered Technologies

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NetVia Group, LLC and Epec Engineered Technologies announced that the two companies are joining forces to give customers a greater range of high-quality services and long-term financial strength.

Epec LLC, founded in 1952, is one of the fastest-growing, high-technology electronics companies in North America, designing and manufacturing high-reliability products, including printed circuit boards, flex/rigid-flex PCBs, custom battery packs, user interfaces, RF products, cable assemblies, CNC machined parts, and flexible heaters for OEMs around the world.

NetVia Group was founded more than 35 years ago, is a trusted manufacturer of time-sensitive, high-technology printed circuit boards for OEMs in the most demanding industries.

The acquisition of the Netvia Group into the Epec family brings together two companies that share the same values and passionate customer commitment of engineering excellence, superior quality, customer dedication, and on-time delivery.

Jeff Forbus, President of NetVia, stated: "After working with the team over the past several years, we have the highest respect and regard for Epec as a successful industry leader, with a proven long-term growth plan that will give our valued customers great support and services."

Ed McMahon, CEO of Epec, commented: "We are very excited and welcome NetVia Group and their employees into the growing Epec family. Jeff and his dedicated team have built a tremendous reputation, which seamlessly fits into Epec's proven manufacturing capabilities, and over 95% first-time-right, quick-turn, on-time delivery.

"Jeff and I are confident of a seamless transition, as all of NetVia's customers will work long-term with the same sales, customer service, and engineering employees, as we expand the manufacturing, inspection, and engineering capabilities at the Irving, Texas, location. Together, Jeff and I look forward to capitalizing on our complementary capabilities and growing our business for many years to come."


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