HDP User Group Announces Daikin Membership

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High Density Packaging (HDP) User Group is pleased to announce that Daikin America, Inc. (Daikin) has become a member.

“Daikin is a world leading manufacturer of fluoropolymers. These materials are used in high performance applications and markets, where the dielectric properties, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and low friction, to name a few, are critical parameters. Daikin has developed ultra-low loss materials for high-speed and high-frequency applications. We are eager to contribute to HDP User Group by bringing our material expertise to the table,” said Tim Takala, Global Director 5G & Wireless at Daikin. 

“I am pleased to welcome Daikin to HDP, joining the outstanding companies working on HDP User Group projects. Their expertise and capability in ultra-low loss dielectrics will contribute significantly to several of our projects, especially those focused on wireless high-speed, high-frequency applications”, said Larry Marcanti, Executive Director of HDP User Group.


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