Pall Corporation Invests in New Facility to Support Growing Semiconductor Demand

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Pall Corporation, a leader in filtration, separation and purification technology, announced the construction of a new manufacturing facility focused on solutions that will serve advanced nodes for semiconductor manufacturers. Pall is investing more than $100M USD for the first phase of expansion, with subsequent investments over the course of construction. The facility will be located in western Singapore.

The new facility will primarily produce lithography and wet-etch filtration, purification and separation solutions that will help meet the high demand for advanced node solutions. The facility will be located on a seven-acre campus that will include more than 18,000 square meters of manufacturing and office space.

"The world is undergoing exponential growth in data generation, processing and storage due to increasing demands from wireless communications, the Internet of Things, automotive technology (autonomy, electrification and connectivity), cloud computing and artificial intelligence/deep learning. This facility will help support the rapid pace of innovation necessary for our customers to meet growing end market demand," said Naresh Narasimhan, President of Pall Corporation.

Construction of the first phase will begin in summer of 2022 and high-volume manufacturing (HVM) capability will be completed between late 2023 and early 2024. Additional capacity will be added in subsequent years as the site undergoes a phased ramp to its full potential. When completed, the site will more than double Pall's current installed capacity for manufacturing microelectronics filtration and purification solutions.

"With the construction of this new facility, we will bring a greater percentage of our manufacturing capacity closer to the manufacturing base of the majority of our customers, which will help reduce supply chain complexity and risk," said Shangaza Dasent, Vice President/General Manager of Pall's Microelectronics business unit.

To support the new site, the company plans to hire more than 300 employees with science, engineering and manufacturing experience.

Mr. Tan Kong Hwee, Executive Vice President of the Singapore Economic Development Board commented: "Pall's new manufacturing facility in Singapore that supplies filtration solutions for advanced semiconductor manufacturing will strengthen Singapore's semiconductor ecosystem and deepen our role in the global supply chain for semiconductors. It is also a testament to the growing business and job opportunities for Singaporeans in this exciting high-tech industry. We are delighted to be working with Pall on their growth plans."


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