Ellsworth Adhesives Europe Now Offers Dow Corning EI-1184

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Ellsworth Adhesives Europe, distributor of adhesive materials and dispensing systems, recently enhanced its product line of encapsulants with the addition of Dow Corning EI-1184, a material specially designed for LED lighting applications. 

EI-1184 is a two part silicone encapsulant offering clear, reliable electronics protection for any application requiring strong protection from harsh conditions. With its high transparency and weatherability, EI-1184 delivers reliable, long lasting protection of sensitive LED electronics in environments containing moisture, UV light, thermal cycling and extreme temperatures.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor luminaire applications, EI-1184 is just one of several Dow Corning silicone solutions designed for the secondary optics market. EI-1184 is clear enough to use in the light path and won’t crack or yellow over the expected lifetime. 

EI-1184 from Dow Corning enjoys rapid and versatile cure processing controlled by time. Furthermore, this new product conforms to UL F1, the standard specified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) ensuring that a material meets specific parameters for resistance to UV and moisture exposure.

EI-1184 comes in a simple, two-part liquid component kit that requires a comparatively simple 1:1 mix ratio, unlike conventional grades that mix 10:1. This not only reduces the potential for error during preparation, it also makes it easier for manufacturers to simplify processing, control quality and reduce costs for high volume production. Once mixed, the formulation cures to a flexible elastomer, which is well suited for the protection of electrical and electronic applications.

Available to order now from Ellsworth Adhesives, EI-1184 is just one of hundreds of Dow Corning products supplied by the global adhesives supplier.

To make an enquiry about EI-1184, please email infoeurope@ellsworth.com.


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